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about UANA

(pronounced Wah-Nuh)

Marketing Life

My journey began at Apple where I was responsible for every marketing aspect related to their retail store locations in the United States, Canada, Japan and the UK.  The Apple culture of ensuring brand integrity and unwavering excellence would shape my career trajectory.  I went on to be recruited to lead marketing efforts for globally recognized brands such as Helio, POM Wonderful, TrueCar and others.  Each role offered unique challenges and opportunities that enabled me to refine my skill set, develop expertise and cultivate a dynamic approach to building brands.

Mentorship & Giving Back

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career has been my involvement in charitable work and mentorship. Throughout the years, I've had the privilege of mentoring both men and women, guiding their development and fostering their talent, all in the pursuit of nurturing the future generation of marketing leaders. Additionally, I've dedicated my time and skills to crafting impactful marketing programs for various remarkable charities, including Wevise and Psydeh. These programs amplify the charity's visibility and allow them to continue to do impactful work.

My Inspiration

Being the child of immigrant parents instilled in me a relentless work ethic. Their passion to build a better life fueled my own drive, and as a result, I approach my work with a deep sense of purpose. The story of their journey from Italy has become a guiding principle that steers my work and leadership style. Every day, I strive to inspire others with the same sense of purpose and drive that my parents gave to me.

Uana Parents_edited.png
I am an avid golfer and cigar enthusiast. I split time between Tampa and Mexico with my husband.

+1 917.231.4964

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